Fifty Years of Painting

Throughout her life, her travels inspired her painting,
which was marked by sunlit places. As time went by,
those who appreciated her work, many of whom
Americans, became her most faithful and best friends.

For almost fifty years, between Europe, Japan, and mostly the United States, Renée Théobald's artwork was exhibited at an average of three individual exhibitions per year.

She also partook very regularly in the big Parisian shows that set the pace of artistic affairs: the Fall Show ("Salon d'Automne"), the Young Painting Show ("Salon de la Jeune Peinture"), the Drawing and Water Color Show ("Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l'eau"), the Independents' Show ("Salon des Indépendants"), the French Artists Show ("Salon des Artistes Français"), Comparisons ("Comparaisons"), the Seascape Show ("Salon de la Marine"), the National Society of Fine Arts ("Société Nationale des Beaux Arts"), Latin Lands ("Terres Latines"), Today's Greats and Young ("Les Grands et les Jeunes d'aujourd'hui")… She also joined the Painters Witnessing their Time ("Peintres Témoins de leur Temps") in Japan in 1973 and 1974, as well as the French painters exhibited in Beijing and Shanghai in 1994.

Both the French and the American press writing about her work always emphasized "her vigorous spatula, her delicious texture, her virile touch, the power of her landscapes, the richness of her matter." Renée Théobald received the gilded silver medal of the Arts-Science-Literature ("Arts-Sciences-Lettres") in 1967.

The City of Paris purchased three of her paintings. The City of London, the Bougie museum in Algers, and the De Young museum in San Francisco each owns one of her paintings.

Her last individual exhibition took place in 2004 in Houston. Her passion for painting remained, she continued to envision projects in her mind, but her health weakened. She passed away in Paris on July 30, 2014, in the city that she loved so much, and where, between travels throughout the world, she lived her entire life.

Most of her work is now owned by private collectors in Europe and in the United States.

After a posthumous exhibition in Houston in October 2014, a retrospective of her work, composed of paintings from her private collection, is taking place in November 2016, at the Nolan-Rankin gallery.